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Language Center
Welcome to Language Center at National Chin-Yi University of Technology





I. Goal

To follow the globalization policy of the Ministry of Education, the language center aims to fully integrate language learning resources, offer on-campus language learning courses and activities, foster language teaching and research, and ultimately establish a well-rounded language learning environment.


II. Features/Responsibilities

1.Construct a “Chinyi English learning website,” an around-the-clock language learning platform with an ever-expanding reservoir of self-learning lessons and proficiency tests to boost language skills.
2. Arrange on-campus language classes and carry out language proficiency enhancement projects.
3. Organize various on-campus language contests for the students.
4. Establish a teaching network with regularly held lectures and workshops for the teachers.
5. Enrich a library of foreign language publications and certificate test related books and media.


III. Administration

1. Language Teaching Division

Responsible for the offering and scheduling of English classes and other foreign language courses on campus, the incorporating of certificate preparation into language lessons, and the management of administrative businesses of the center, the verification and registration of language certificates regarding school graduation criteria, as well as the arrangement of certificate tests, certificate-preparation classes, and self-learning activities. The division also arranges foreign language competitions every year in order to promote students’ motivation and enhance their foreign language proficiency.

2. Chinese Teaching Division

Responsible for offering and scheduling Chinese classes, self-learning and cultural activities, preparing students for Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language, constructing on-line teaching platforms and developing materials for teaching Chinese for Specific Purposes. The division also manages administrative business of the center.


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